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Lough Lene trout move to the deeps to find cooler water

July 31st, 2013 | by

Micheal Flanagan tells us about this recent trip to Lough Lene…

I was on Lene last weekend and it was tough going trying to hook up with a Trout. Eventually I clicked along with younger brother J.J and we had 3 rainbows.

J.J Flanagan with Lene trout.

J.J Flanagan with Lene trout.

The fish were caught deep down fishing over 30-40ft of water with our lures set at about 15ft. The fish seem to have moved out into deeper water as the shallow water is a bit to hot to handle. Some cracking pike were also on the move, and I hope to give it a last over the August bank Holiday.

Michael Flanagan
Midland Angling


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