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Big hatches of Mayfly on Derg, but fishing tough enough

May 18th, 2017 | by

Trout anglers fishing out of boats from Fisherman’s Paradise in Scarriff are reporting mixed fishing on Lough Derg. One boat had consistently good fishing on Wednesday and Thursday during good hatches of fly. All came to the spent – even those caught mid morning and through the afternoon.

lough derg

Middle of the day, but fell for a spent

Friday saw blizzards of spent coming out early before the sudden change in conditions. Unfortunately the fish did not really respond to the massive fall of gnats. On Saturday fishing was very tough. The popular Tommie Giblin Memorial saw over 60 boats fishing, but only 9 fish weighed in. Although one boat had 7 fish all about 1.5lb, most struggled to meet trout. The trout seemed to have forsaken the spent and were moving to greenfly again.

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