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Brosna and Camocor getting some croneen fishing

September 12th, 2018 | by

Paul Molloy has a smashing few days in Birr

Despite the extremely low water levels in both the little Brosna and Camcor a small stock of croneen are managing to make their way into the river systems. Small shoals of croneen can be spotted below Birr in the little Brosna and few more fish can be seen above the town in the Camcor. This low water has resulted in fish been extremely spooky and reluctant to feed freely. Because of the conditions a fine tippet such as 7x is a necessity paired with small flies fished using a dry dropper configuration. The majority of fish being caught have been taken on a size 20 olive perdigon nymph in slow water fished approximately 5 feet under a size 16 parachute olive. The average size of croneen is varied between 1.25 lb to 1.75lb, but fish have been landed up to 2.75 lbs comfortably using the above method. Fishing has been consistent  the past few weeks and  bags of 3 and 4 croneen a day with plenty of resident river trout up to .75lbs . All fish caught were released safely back to the water

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