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Good hatches and catches on Nore before weekend flood

June 4th, 2018 | by

Dan O’Neill at the Mount Juliet Estate reports on the trout fishing on the Nore…

Monday 28th May: B nice start to the day. 4 anglers booked in to trout fish on various runs. The water level dropped slightly to .39, the water temperature was 14.8C. Between the four anglers they had 9 trout and 3 dace. The trout fell to dry flies and nymph tactics. we also saw a couple of lampreys about that had died after spawning and got caught up in the back eddys.

Tuesday 29th May: A great day today some strong fly hatches early on in the morning and through until lunch time. Water level stayed at .39 and water temperature was reading 14.9C at 11am. We had 2 anglers trout fishing. Between them they had 4 trout all on nymph. Sshoals of minnows lined the shallows and trout fed strongly from early morning till lunchtime. It quietened down then until 4.30pm the trout then fed until dark.

River Nore

Wednesday 30th May: A nice day again. No anglers booked into fish today, so I tried a few casts with the nymph on the newly cleared estate boundary pool. After a few casts I met a nice trout of about a pound. Over the remainder of the session I had 2 more trout and 4 dace.The water read .39 and the water temperature was 15.1C.

Thursday 31st May: No trout anglers on the fishery today.

Friday 1st June : Very humid start today. Cloud cover fairly dense, water level .38 and water temp the highest this season at 15.6C. 3 anglers on the fishery all nymphing and caught 7 trout between them.

Saturday 2nd June: Heavy rainfall yesterday evening led to the river shooting up to .50. Very murky water with a lot of weed running through. No body fished today. Water temperature has dropped to 14.1C.

Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet Estate.

Go fishing…

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