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The Cusher, the Lagan and the Bann all fishing well with some fantastic trout

July 30th, 2012 | by

Guide Brian Russell reports:

Cusher Dollaghan run on every flood.

The Cusher has seen pods of school dollaghan running the river on every rise in water over the last few weeks.  Canadian visitor Stan Seifert spent a couple of days on the river with guide Brian Russell and landed plenty of average sized fish with a fair few fish in the 45 to 50 cm range falling mainly to nymphing techniques.  There appears to be a fair run off cock fish around the 40cm mark on average ion the river with the odd larger fish mixed among them.  If the water levels drop night fishing with larger flies will come into play for the larger fish held up in the deeps.  Thomas Russell fished various stretches off the river over the last week and reported plenty of fish around the 25 to 30cm mark along with a sprinkling of fish in the 40 to 45cm range.  The river has currently rose about another foot which should encourage more fish up from the lough and with a couple of dry days forecast prospects will be good.

Thomas returning a Cusher Dollaghan

Thomas returning a Cusher Dollaghan


Lagan and Ravarnette flourish.

The Lagan is fishing its socks off!  From Donaghcloney to Kinallen all the main fishing areas are reporting good activity with plenty of good sized trout coming to hand.  All the usual suspects have been reporting good catches around Dromore with many young anglers availing of the good water levels to record good catches.  Prospects are encouraging as the river usually experiences a second fall of black gnat in August which can make for fantastic fishing as many of the rivers larger specimens have left the deeps on their upward migration.  The little Ravarnette River has also benefited from the increased water levels and guide Brian Russell has spent a couple of challenging days crouched in small pools below branches catching some fantastic fat trout.

Brian Russell with a Ravernette trout

Brian Russell with a Ravernette trout


Brilliant Bann

One just can’t be sure what will take hold of your fly at the minute on the Bann.  The rivers wild brown trout stock has now been supplemented with a run of Dollaghan and Salmon.  Canadian Stan Seifert while on the river with guide Brian Russell  learning the technique of Czech nymphing was well shocked when he tightened into a nice grilse below Lawrencetown to put the icing on what was a really profitable day when every run and pool yielded good quantities of fish to deeply fished nymphs.  This river along with many others in the North doesn’t close until the end of October and  fishing will be good from now to the final day.

A Bann trout being returned

A Bann trout being returned


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