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The fun of the Fair – great reviews from the Irish Fly Fair last weekend

November 13th, 2013 | by

Great reviews from the Irish Fly Fair last weekend.  A super well run show with an abundance of stands, fly dressers, fly casters and the crème de la crème of all things fishing.

Fantastic work done by Elaine Munn and all the gang.

Winning smile of Caroline

Winning smile of Caroline

Laurence Finney writes :Well what can i say about this years Irish fly fair?
1./ the venue was out of this world, as soon as i arrived i was greeted by Stevie Munn, Gerry Teggart and some old guy called mr Hywel Morgan (think i saw him somewhere before)
2./ The traders stalls were laid out perfect with covered tables and chairs for the weary traders.
3./ the staff of the Galway bay hotel came round every hour with tea, coffee and refreshments.
4./ A big thank you to Elaine Munn and those who worked tirelessly ensuring all were looked after.
This event has certainly shown that a quality organised fly fair cannot be beaten and i for one will be there again next year.
To all the guest tyers who displayed some of the best tied flies in the world it was an absolute pleasure to watch them.
And finally i have to mention A.P.G.A.I. Ireland the instructors casting outside in the wind and rain were faultless and the fly dressers provided some of the best tuition i have ever seen.

Joe Stitt

Joe Stitt

Stevie Munn says: Well I am Home now going to rest for a few days then start working on the 2014 Irish Fly Fair . I would like to thank everyone , The fly dressers that came from all over the world, The fly casters , the ones that gave the talks , the trade stands and to my family and friends in the Fly Fair Team that put up with me and helped us all . A MASSIVE thanks to you. Also to the angling public who came to support the show , I hope you enjoyed it . Hope to see you all next year.

Jason O'Riordan

Jason O’Riordan

Jason O’Riordan reports:

There were simply too many awesome tyers on display to mention them all.  So it was off to the seminar room to give my talk.  A great bunch of interested anglers came along and everything went well.  After lunch I browsed all the stands and made a few (too many) purchases.  I met and spoke with lots and lots of people about all things fishing and more.

There was an unbelievable range of tying materials on display. The Clonanav/Fortwilliam stand had lots of tackle and clothing from all the leading brands including the new Hardy Jets which are simply awesome.  In the next room there were more fly tyers and fishing organisations including our very own Waterford Fly Fishing and the Drowes stand where my good friend Denis was busy tying tube flies.  Read his article ‘Irish Fly Fair Review’



and finally a note from the lady herself;

Elaine Munn: It was a really good show and I hope it was enjoyed by everyone, traders, tyers, casters, talkers and of course the people who paid their hard earned cash to come through the doors. Without all of them there would not be a show. The Irish Fly Fair team are already looking at how we can improve this event for next year.
There have been some great reviews and I have seen some super photographs and hopefully in the next couple of months I’ll be able to add a reviews page and a photo gallery to the website. If anyone has images or videos I can use they would be very useful, or if anyone has a review please send, my email is anglingclassics2@aol.com Please email me if you have anything that might help to make this show even better. Thank you all for your support, the team really do appreciate it.


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