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T’is to be Suir a great river for the trout !

April 27th, 2012 | by

On a return trip to fish on the beautiful river Suir near Holycross in Tipperary Liam Stenson writes; ” Since fishing on this water last year I have wanted to get back down to fish on it before the weed growth got too high. I got to Holycross shortly after ten am and organised my day permit for the Thurles Suir and Drish Anglers Association. Having a look about before setting up the rod I noticed a few fish rising but I could not see what they were rising to. I then decided to set up the rod for fishing dry flies, I started with a Light Cahill Klinkhammer. I managed to rise a few fish to the Light Cahill but failed to connect with any of them. The weather on the day was typical Irish weather giving all of the seasons in one day. The wind was not in my favour for fishing dry flies but I kept at is as I could see there was several good fish rising.

River Suir, Holycross

River Suir, Holycross

I saw a few Iron Blue Duns about so I changed over to an Iron Blue Klinkhammer which I cast to the next fish I saw rise. This time I managed to connect with a nice wild brown trout of about half pound weight. After I released the trout I cast again to another rising fish, missed that one. I got two more fish on the Iron Blue before things went quiet. I moved on upstream looking out for more rising fish. While moving upstream I came upon a lot of fish rising at the head of a fast run so I watched them for a while to see what they were taking. As I watched the fish I noticed that there was Large Dark Olives coming off the water so on seeing the Olives I again changed the fly. The next fly I tied on was the Greenwell Klinkhammer, this was  the fly the fish were on. I caught and released seven nice fish from that run all on the Greenwell, best fish pictured above nearly a pound in weight. It was time for some lunch by the river.

Suir Trout

Suir Trout

After the lunch the wind had got stronger and was blowing full downstream so I changed over to fish a team of wet flies. I tied on the Yellow Jack on the point, a Iron blue spider (trial pattern) on the middle dropper and a Waterhen Bloa on the top dropper. I fished the team down and across the river, on the third cast I caught a nice fish which went for the Yellow Jack. During the afternoon I caught and released twelve more wild brown trout. The Yellow Jack accounted for nine out of the twelve fish. All too soon it was time to pack up and head for home. I have plans to get back down to fish on the river Suir in early May when I will fish the Thurles Holycross and Ballycamus anglers waters. Already I am looking forward to it.”

Liam Stenson


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