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Tough conditions for Mayfly fishing on the Liffey

May 28th, 2015 | by

Rob Love cashed in his hard earned Brownie Points to take a guilt free trip to the Liffey at the weekend…
Luckily – with a few brownie points (by far the safest option) earned over the last week or so I managed to spend a few hours at my favourite spot on the river and it was magical. The hatch was not of bumper proportions but trout were feeding on both duns and later on, spinners.

Mayfly on the Liffey

Mayfly on the Liffey

Now the bad news – with cold, wet and windy conditions forecast over the next few days I fear for the remainder of the Mayfly fishing for this season on the River Liffey – certainly things will be very testing. The good news however is that (according to several forecasters) our weather is to take a serious turn for the better late next week, with above average temperatures and high pressure – something which gets me very excited indeed (maybe even enough to start earning some more brownie points) for those warm sultry summer evenings are perfect for the far larger hatches of Sedge we get and perfect for great fishing.

High water on the Liffey

High water on the Liffey

Speaking of great fishing there has been quite a few guided fishing trips over the last number of weeks. Anglers have targeted both pike and wild brown trout. Special mention goes to American angler Frank Gebert who managed to catch a super brown trout on a size 18 Griffiths Gnat from a boat in high water.

Padraig Byrne with with one of his fish

Padraig Byrne with with one of his fish

More recently Padraig Byrne had (we reckoned) around 15 trout on his 1st river fly fishing trip – short video footage of the spot he was fishing from is here:

Rob Love

Go fishing…

Love Fishing Ireland have a small team of experienced guides available for tailor made fishing excursions for both wild brown trout and pike. While the standard days guiding on the River Liffey or Rye Water will appeal to many, for the more adventurous they offer guided trips by Canadian canoe along what are considered to be the best fishing beats of the River Liffey.

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