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Angling Insomnia for Bass Guide Sid Jones

September 1st, 2017 | by

Sid’s been burning the candle at both ends again in Wexford and his angling insomnia is paying off – a thumping 23 bass in a night’s work, most of them in the 3lb – 5lb class with nine more over 60cm including an estimated 11lber.

Wexford Silver

Sid thought he was in for a specimen when a large fish smashed his lure and took line from the reel in an instant. After a hard scrap a nice lump of a fish revealed itself – one Sid estimated to be in the region of 9lb. Then, a few casts later, another solid fish grabbed hold and headed for Wales.

Soft lures did the trick again

Sid held firm and so did his leader; following another series of hard runs Sid landed (and returned) a fish measuring 74cm from the snout to the tip of the tail, with a girth of 43cm.

The reward for a hard night’s work

A dream fish for those who sleep – a good night’s work for those who don’t.

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