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Porbeagle Bonanza in Galway!

August 2nd, 2017 | by

John Fleming, skipper of the Brazen Hussy II, reported of a porbeagle bonanza in Galway with big and small sharks being caught tagged and released unharmed.

Last Monday, Frank Nugent had one small fish with more circling the boat, while David Quirke had a nice blue. However, Saturday was the day within about 10 minutes of getting the lines out a porbeagle was hooked.  Then two beagles were circling the boat and hooked and landed; both of them between 80 lbs. and 100 lbs. The lucky anglers were Davey Hall and Darren. Phillip was up next with a porgie well in access of 100 lbs., a fantastic fish that fought for a long time. Another blue came over the rail for Davey while Phillip was in the big porbeagle. Darren then hooked another beagle, a bigger fish again, estimated around 200 lbs. which unfortunately pulled the hook. What a day! Four beagles in the boat, 3 lost and a nice blue as well!

One of the many porbeagle shark landed onboard the Golden Hussy II

Another fine porbeagle from Galway

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