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Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasts are broadcast daily on RTE Radio, Television and at Check programme guides in the daily newspapers for times.

Telephone weather forecasts are available from the Irish Meteorological Service - Met Eireann at

Most general forecast enquiries can be served by WEATHERDIAL, the Premium Rate Weather Service, which is available on voice or fax. Voice forecasts for each of the four provinces, the greater Dublin Area and for Irish coastal waters and the Irish Sea can be obtained by dialling:

1550 123 850
1550 123 853
1550 123 851
1550 123 852
1550 123 854
Sea Area
1550 123 855

Wind speeds for the whole day should be carefully checked before going afloat on a large lake. Strong gale force winds can increase as the fishing day goes on.

Access and Country Code

Irish waters are usually reached by passing through farmland and anglers are generally allowed this access by courtesy of local farmers. If in doubt please ask the farmer for permission to enter on his land to fish the water. They will give a warm welcome but please respect their property; light no fires or leave no litter and close all gates. Cars should be parked in designated parking areas where available and should always be parked so that they do not cause obstruction.


Some Irish inland waters are very large and become dangerous in high winds; they may have reefs or rocky shoals which can be hazardous even on a calm day. When intending to use a boat anglers should notify someone about where they are fishing and what time they are due to return.

It is essential to be familiar with such waters and their hazards before going afloat unaided; a ghillie or guide should be hired for the first few days of the trip. A lifejacket must now be worn by every angler in the boat by law. Anglers should wear suitable protective waterproof clothing whether fishing from shore or boat. Suitable and appropriate footwear should be worn at all times. When fly fishing, the angler should wear a protective set of sunglasses as eye protection and a hat.

Irish Specimen Fish Committee

Annually, the Irish Specimen Fish Committee (address is the same as Central Fisheries Board), who ratify specimen and record fish in Ireland, publish a list of all the big pike submitted to it at the start of the year. Pike anglers can examine the annual report to see what rivers and lakes have produced specimen fish and where most of the big pike were caught the previous year. You can access this information by logging on to and you can look at the catches of specimen pike recorded from 1999 to 2006 by clicking into each annual report of all specimen fish caught in Ireland e.g. 2005 report can be accessed at (pages 5 to 6).

Pike Angling Associations

The Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs

IFPAC has a big network of pike clubs located at most the major pike angling centres. They run regular pike angling competitions at many venues nationwide. These are mainly shore competitions but some boat angling competitions on lakes and some of these are open competitions, which will welcome guests. Details on these competitions and other events and contacts within the federation can be made through their website at

National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland

The National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland is the management body for coarse and predator anglers in the North and south of Ireland whether as a member club of individual angler. As the nominated coarse angling association by the International Angling Confederation CIPS and the Fresh Water Sport Fishing Federation FIPS-ed the NCFFI manage Team Predator to represent Ireland at Boat and Bank Fishing with Lures Championships overseas and in turn host world championships in Ireland.  Tasked with spotting upcoming talent the NCFFI Predator Team is accessible to everyone.  If you are not a member of an NCFFI club you can join the Predator Club as an individual.
Twitter: @ncffi

Pike Angling Services

Ireland has a network of service providers to help the visiting angler get the most from their trip. There are a number of professional guides who can provide a complete service including boat and tackle hire. There are also numerous ghillies who have specialised knowledge of their local waters. On top of this there is a wide range of accommodation providers, boat hire operators and tackle shops who have an understanding of the anglers requirements.

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