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Small Boat Angling

Inshore Boat Angling

A nice cod

Inshore fishing from small boats, especially during the months from May to September, is a growing trend. There is no better means of appreciating the intimate connection between the life of Irish coastal communities and the sea, than to fish from a small boat equivalent in size to the craft that almost all Irish fishermen used until recent times.

Many visiting anglers bring thir own purpose-built 14-18 foot boats to a growing number of centres where guidance on where to go, and on safety issues is available. This is the best way of exploiting the places which are unexplored by bigger craft or inaccessible to the shore angler.

All species are available. Great sport can be enjoyed on warm days of late summer when using light spinning tackle for mackerel or pollack. The adventurous angler can try fly fishing. Or one may bottom fish for ray or bigger species - perhaps for tope in places such as the Shannon Estuary, using a mackerel caught earlier in the day as bait. Fishing from a small boat driven by a powerful outboard engine requires a careful assessment of weather conditions, but if the angler follows local regulations and advice, and keeps a weather eye open a safe, enjoyable trip is assured.

Small Boat Festivals

There are a number of small boat competitions and festivals around the Irish coast during the summer. One of the best know and longest running is the Rosslare Small Boat Festival. See here for more information

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