The Carlow Coarse Angling Club held an open coarse angling match on the river Barrow in Carlow town on Sunday afternoon despite fears that the match may indeed have to be cancelled due to the ever present fear that the tail end of a hurricane was on it way to Ireland. The day did prove to be windy but not the gale force winds that were predicted and the rain stayed at bay for the day. The wind made it almost impossible to fish using the long pole and favoured whips which are always evident in the Barrow matches and normally are the chosen method by most anglers.

Ollie Doyle with his catch

Most anglers used the Tip method or feeder fishing as it is more widely known and some anglers chose the waggler float method while the remaining few braved the stick float method to have astounding results and net good bags of Dace. There were not many of the resident Roach on show on the day nor the Perch however Tadas from the Carlow club did land a superb Rudd in all it’s colour and glory weighing almost 2 lb. The Carlow cac would like to thank all present anglers for donating to the disable angling bays fund and attending to show their continued support of the Carlow Coarse Angling Club.

Carlow man and popular Leinster team angler Ollie Doyle won the match on the day using the stick float method and managed to rack up nearly 100 fish in total all Dace to weigh in a cracker bag of over 11 lb. When ask afterwards Ollie said the fishing was very hard due to the strong winds but he persevered and the result showed just that. In second place was Gary Doyle another Leinster Team and former Irish International with over 9 lb. of fish mainly Dace and third place went to Bob Hulme Leinster Team hopeful for next year and former Irish International with over 7 lb. fish mainly Dace. All anglers in attendance had a great day and enjoyed the day out with all the usual banter and jesting evident on the day that has become associated with the popular Carlow angling club.

If you would like any information as regards fishing the river Barrow please do not hesitate to contact the club Chairman Gerry mc Straw on 085 2844566 or by e-mail on [email protected] , the Carlow club will be running regular workshops throughout the winter. The club are currently working on two projects one is to include disabled anglers through the instalment of disabled angling bays along the Carlow town stretch of the river Barrow and the other project is to train special needs teachers and assistants how to coarse fish using the Angling Council of Ireland trained coaches. The club would also like to thank the Angling Council of Ireland, The Leinster Federation and off course the National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland (N.C.F.F.I.) for all their continued support of the club.