ISFC 2011 Annual Report
ISFC 2011 Annual Report

A huge thin-lipped mullet caught in Cork is the centrepiece of the ISFC report issued today. This giant was over double the size of the largest thin-lipped mullet ever taken in Ireland. Coming in at 6lbs 4ozs for Corkman Noel Lane it is a fish of a lifetime.

Despite the economic downturn anglers had a great year in 2011 catching large numbers of big specimen fish and setting four New Irish Records, according to the Irish Specimen Fish Committee report released today.


    2.1 kg, River Lagan, Co. Antrim, 5th May 2009 – Terry Jackson
    1.33 kg, Red Bay, Co. Antrim, 10th August 2011 – Jan Vrieswijk (NL)
    10.6 kg, Red Bay, Co. Antrim, 25th July 2011 – Albert Koawenhourn (NL)
    2.83 kg, Cork Harbour, Co. Cork, 14th September 2011 – Noel Lane

A total of 587 specimens were ratified in 2011. The Lee Reservoirs in Cork feature heavily in the freshwater fish listings with bream, rudd and various hybrids taken there over the year. Species such as Thick-Lipped Mullet and Cuckoo Wrasse, from many different parts of the country, dominated catches of sea fish. Anglers both at home and abroad will be reading the report carefully to plan their angling trips to catch the big fish in Ireland in 2012.

Other important developments on the specimen fish front:

  • The specimen weight for twaite shad has been increased.
  • New arrangements to have anglers weighing scales certified are being put in place. Further details on the ISFC website.
  • Record fish must be photographed on a length measurement board from 2012 onwards.

The report is available to download now from

Hard copies will be available free of charge from Inland Fisheries Ireland offices in Swords, Dublin in early 2012. For further information contact Dr. William Roche, ISFC Sec 01-8842617.

Weighing scale certification 2012

Anglers will be advised of new arrangements for having personal weighing scales certified in 2012. After 15 years of providing a high quality service the Legal Metrology Service (LMS) of NSAI has advised that it will not be able to support this certification process in the future. On behalf of anglers Trevor Champ, ISFC Chairman thanked the management and staff of LMS for their efficiency and interest in this work. He added “having such a reputable state body supporting the certification was central to the continuation of the quality of the ISFC work”.

The details for calibration and certification of scales in 2012 are being finalised by ISFC and anglers will be advised of the new arrangements via the ISFC website.