A fantastic 109cm pike was taken recently by Henryk Walkowiak who is a member of the Polish Fishing Club “Fishmaniak”. The fish was taken on a 10cm lure in a lake close to Roscommon. The pike took the lure at 5.5 m. Henryk was trying to raise him from the bottom but he had to be careful he was fishing for perch with a very light rod and he wasn’t used any traces. So after 20 min a little tired fish decided to show us what size he was. We were amazed because on such delicate gear it was hard to say how big the fish was!! After 30min the fish was tired enough and I was able to pull it close to the boat. After measuring Henryk was shocked because the pike was 109cm(43″) long and about 11kg (25lb) of weight. It was returned back to the water in good condition off course.

Henryk Walkowiak from the Fishmaniak Club Shows his 109cm Pike