As of Monday 12th September water at 2 feet 9 inches on the gauge at Johnston’s.  Beautiful water for all methods but especially the fly.

The wind and driving rain at times is a lot of anglers away from the river but those who persevere are still getting fish.  One such angler is Welsh man Gregory Vincent who has opened his account today with a released fish of 6 lbs from John Breen’s. Fish are also reported from all our other fisheries.

Despite the high winds, conditions wont get much better than they are now for the season so I would strongly advise get out there now if you can while there is time and while the water is so good.

Beat 3:

Today Monday on Beat 3 Dan Shine landed his first ever Laune salmon followed shortly after with his second both on the fly.  Water levels on Beat 3 are very good and will improve as it falls back a bit.
Billy Downes
Laune Salmon Anglers

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