Patrick Devennie, Head Ghillie at the Careysville Fishery reports that although we did get some rain during September, amounts were small, bringing down several little muddy spates.  These mini spates moved fish from the lower beats but were not large enough to bring up our Autumn fish from the estuary.  By the time the water had cleared sufficiently, we had lost the advantage of rise and height.  All our fish caught in September were on fly, 67% were returned.  Our largest fish of the month was 14 lb. caught by Nigel Harding Newman, the fish was then pit tagged and returned.  On the very last day of the season, the rains came and so did the long awaited flood.  It was all too late for the Blackwater.  Lets hope for a wet winter to bring the water table back up to normal and fill the springs again for next season.  There is still some limited space at Careysville for next year.
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