The big trout estimated at 11 lb. just before returning it to Lough Inagh.
The big trout estimated at 11 lb. just before returning it to Lough Inagh.

Colin Folan, fishery manager reports that 2011 will be a season to remember for Lough Inagh Fishery.  There was record numbers of salmon landed this year, and all the beats and pools produced fish.  The river was perfect for most of the season due to the high water.  As the months passed the Salmon fishing improved which is a little strange, as July is usually the best month.  Again this season there was a lack of 10 lbs plus fish – only five were caught!  However our average grilse size is slightly over 5 lbs.  The first Salmon of the year was landed on the 16th of May at The Derryclare Butts by Finbar McGreevy and it weighed 12.75 lb.   The largest Salmon of the season was caught by William Hamilton on Corloo Beat and it weighed 15 lb.+ and took a Sunray Shadow fly.  Top rod for Salmon was Andy Walsh with 11 Salmon, all caught on Lough Inagh.   Some very large fish were seen in the fishery, but they showed little interest in our flies.

The Sea Trout season was far from good.  In late June they started to arrive (right on cue), and Colin was very excited at the numbers and sizes of them, with 3 and 4 pound fish being caught every day.  However, they stopped coming early July and it has been puzzling and frustrating to work out why the run was so poor.  The Brown Trout numbers were also down, and there was a lack of large Browns this year, only three fish over 6 lb.  Our heaviest Brown was caught on a Wooly Bugger on the 26th of July by German lady angler, Anke Kondla.  The fish was estimated (by me) at 11 lb. and was released.  There were 4 Char also caught on the lake and it is delightful to see these creatures as they are a good indicator of clean water.  Many anglers gazed at the pair of Golden Eagles overhead in the Inagh Valley and I am waiting for some DVD footage taken by an angler a couple of weeks ago.

Catch totals for 2011 were Salmon 133,  Sea Trout 263,  Brown Trout 81,  Char 4

Catch totals for 2010 were Salmon 79,   Sea Trout 502,  Brown Trout 212,  Char 2

Catch totals for 2009 were Salmon 56,  Sea Trout 470,  Brown Trout 424,  Char 3

A nice char from Inagh
A nice char from Inagh

The annual End of Season competition was fished on September 30th, and was won by Andy Walsh, with 2 Sea Trout, 2 Brown Trout and a 9lbs Salmon.  Second was William Hamilton with 2 Brown Trout and a 6lbs Salmon.  Third place went to Richard Maguire with 1 Sea Trout and 8 Brown Trout.

Lough Inagh Lodge will remain open until early December, and if any anglers wish to come to learn to tie flies or improve their casting I can offer a deal upon request.

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