Fishery Manager David McEvoy reports that the fishing for the month of August at Delphi, was typically frustrating for fishing especially in the last 10 to 12 days of the month.  The fishery which is experiencing a good year had a great run with plenty of salmon to be seen but they proved extremely difficult to catch. Sea trout were disappointing overall but there were a few high points especially towards the latter part of the month.  The weather was even difficult to describe. A tourist would say it was terrible with lots of rain but the monthly total was only 178.7 cm. or 7” which by our standards is not a lot. It also felt quite autumnal a lot of the time.  Total salmon catch for August was 82 which is actually not bad but all but 14 of these were caught by close of play on the 19th.  Fish of the month was without question Barbara Cellier’s 13 lb. 10 oz. fresh fish off Finlough on the 15th. It was taken on a Silver Stoat.  Other notable salmon catches for the month included the Beattie party, who landed 11 fish for their stay, the Ganly party landed 6 while Urs Liebundgut landed 16, the Brennan/Morris party landed 7 and William Hamilton landed 2.  Sean Moogan and his grandson Daniel Feehan landed 5 salmon to 5 lb. off Doolough and Nicholas Laverty, John Mill’s grandson landed his first ever on the fly off the Turn pool.  First ever salmon were taken by father and son team of Ron and Scott Borrie from New Zealand, Haruro Onda from Japan and Jordan Green.  Sea trout were an improvement on July which wouldn’t be hard but were still well down on last year with only 181 compared to 208 last year. Most notable catches were the Ganly party who had 36 sea trout up to 3 lb. Bernard Barton and family then had a day with 15 including one of 7.5 lb. approx. (male probably ferox) and one of 3 lb. 4 oz. approx.  This week we had Tom and Shirley Morrison, sea trout experts of old. They fished solely for sea trout and managed 22 in four days.  Total sea trout catch for the last week was 55 which is not bad considering the conditions.  Total salmon catch so far this season is 426, so hopefully we will reach the 500 mark before the end of the season.

Kevin Crowley
IFI-Galway .
email: [email protected]

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