Larry Durrigan with a salon of 19 lb. from the River Glyde
Larry Durrigan with a salon of 19 lb. from the River Glyde

River Dee

From early Last week both rivers got about 2~3 inches of water and a good steady run of both sea trout and salmon entered the system, The water had a nice bit of colour but there was about 2 foot of clarity so it made the sea tout fishing on the fly during the day more successful. l

We had a sea trout competition on the Dee last Sunday, the results are as follows:

  • 1st Martin Mc Kenny Ardee 3 lb 1 oz
  • 2nd Jim Kerns Stabannan     2 lb
  • 3rd Brain Johnson Ardee      1 lb 3oz.

Lots of fish about 0.5 -1 lb where caught and returned,small sea trout seem to be the bulk of the fresh run at the moment, lots of salmon where observed rolling and pitching on the day.

River Glyde

Salmon fishing on the Glyde has been good, the main run is on with salmon been caught every day despite low angling pressure.

Last Wednesday Larry Durrigan Ardee had 3 salmon including 1 great fish which measured a little over 35” which on the conversion table puts the fish at 19 lbs the other 2 where 5 lb and 9 lb.

On the same day our chairman Gerry Keenan had 2 salmon 7 lb & 6 lb.

Peter Callaghan Ardee 1 x 6 lb,

On Friday Antony Reynolds Castlebellingham had 2 salmon and Ray Thomson also had 2

Sunday morning Peter Callaghan had another fish of 8lb and Gerry Keenan had another 2 fish,

Monday Peter Mc Caughty  had1 fish and Antony Reynolds 1 fish. All fish where fresh  caught on shrimp and returned

Prospects look good this week with fresh fish coming in on most tides and with the fish pass working again on Lynns weir on the Glyde its driving the fish up the system.