October can be a very good time for tope fishing in North Wicklow providing boat anglers with a chance to catch a 40lbs plus fish. However the calm, settled conditions boat anglers require for this have been scarce.  Shore anglers can target tope on the North Wicklow beaches at this time of year as the big females will patrol these beaches at night up until the end of November.

Anglers wishing to target shore tope will need to fish a few days after Westerly winds to allow the weed to drop out of the sea. Slack tides tend to be easier to fish, terminal tackle needs to be strong, pulley rigs help distance casting and rubbing leader of over 120lbs is recommended.  Reels should be filled with up to 350 yards of line.  Small whiting have been turning up on the Wicklow beaches, however the first of the frost should bring some more in.  In relation to tackle, use medium length snoods and size 2/0 hooks, use short snoods in weak tides.