Niall Carpentar from Balbriggan with his 5lb trout caught using a purple daddy on September 9th

Sheelin fished well during the week with the best day being Friday September 9th which saw ideal conditions of warmth and calm on the lake – a Sheelin angler’s dream but the weekend of strong winds and rain crushed any hopes of a second day performance.

Few anglers braved the gale force conditions, any that did particularly towards evening time on Saturday spent all their energy on baling out their boat as they crossed the treacherous waters with the hooking of trout being the last thing on their minds.

Thursday saw a spectacular hatch of sedges when the wind dropped and there was an excellent rise of fish to sedges.

There was a very good hatch of the blagdon green midge known locally as ‘The Apple Green Midge’ off Derry point from 4.30pm onwards on Thursday, although there has always been a smattering of this chironomid this is the first time in many years that Sheelin has seen the return of this insect.

This midge was always a famous fly for Sheelin in years gone by so it is very encouraging to see it back in such numbers.

There were a lot of stocked trout moving on Thursday as well as wild fish particularly from 6pm onwards.

A reminder to all anglers is that the Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Association will be hosting their 6th Annual Stream Rehabilitation Competition on Sheelin on Saturday October 1st from Kilnahard Pier from 11.0am to 6.0pm.

For details and entry form please Google LSTPA 2011 stream rehabilitation competition.

The heaviest trout caught for the week were by two Balbriggan men – Michael Kelly with a beautiful 60cm 5½ lb trout caught on Friday using a stimulator along the Western shore of the lake and Niall Carpentar also on Friday afternoon with a 57cm 5lb trout caught using a purple daddy along the Western shore close to Reynolds’s.

47 trout were recorded for the week with a predominance of fish weighing over the 4 lb mark.

Some catches were:

Ned Clinton, Cavan – on Friday at 4pm fishing on the Arley side of Merry point one trout at 4 lbs 2ozs using a dry murrough.

Dessie McEntee, Cavan – on September 9th, two trout at 1½ lb (using a red ashed green peter) and 2 lbs (on a gorgeous george).

Andrew Browne, Dublin – on Monday September 5th one trout at 5lbs using a silver dabbler.

Terry McGovern, Garrison – two trout at over 5lbs and 2lbs.

Michael Kelly, Dublin – on Wednesday afternoon, one trout at 3½ lbs around Orangefield on a claret hopper.  Thursday September 8th, six trout – four averaging 1½ – 2 lbs using LF dry flies and two trout at 3lbs caught around Hollywell using a green Klinkhammer and 4 lbs caught at Derry pt. using a stimulator.  On Friday September 9th Michael caught 6 trout, 4 wild and 2 stocked fish – 1 lb, 2 lbs and 2 @ 3lbs, 5 lbs and 5½ lbs, fish were caught using a claret hopper, LF flies and stimulators along the Western Shoreline and Wilson’s side of Merry Point.
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A 5lbs trout caught by Andrew Browne, Dublin on monday September 5th using a silver dabbler