Graeme Gannon tells us of his escapades around Lanesborough.  A long night, but well worth it for the two friends. Here is Graeme’s report:

Well I headed off to Athlone from Dublin on Fri 22/06/2012 3:30pm  to meet my cousin for a bit of fishing on a couple of small ponds which we thought held a few tench.  It was 6:00pm when we got to there.  The fields around the ponds were flooded very badly so after an hour or so we finally found a place we could fish from. We set up the feeder rods and we were fishing till 8:00pm.  We only had two small roach each and bites were slow.  So at 10:00pm,  before dark we rapped up and headed to Lanesborough arriving there at midnight.  We looked around and there was no one to be seen so we went ahead and set up our gear and our tent.  Got some bait out and got a couple of hours sleep.  

Graeme Gannon with 3lb 8oz Perch.  Well done !
Graeme Gannon with 3lb 8oz Perch. Well done

David was fishing till 3:30am and when his first tench came at 5:00 he woke me so I got up to start fishing.  I was fishing the feeder with roach coming fast and baiting my hook when I noticed a big thick back come out of the water from the Lilly pads in front of me, about two rod lengths out. I thought it was a pike at first so I left it.  Then a few minutes later  I saw it again and I noticed the spikes of a massive perch.  So I ran up to my van got my float rod, set it up as quick as possible with a 3inch dead roach and dropped it in the Lilly pads. Within two minutes the float slid away.  Perch on ! Got him up through the Lilly’s and netted him. David went and got the scales.  He weighed in at 3lbs 8oz . We weighed him on a Ruben heaton specimen scales.  Great fight ! SUPER FISH !.

Super fish
Super fish

Graeme Gannon.