The Annual Gowna Festival 2012 was held last week and fish exceedingly well.  The competition was held over five days and 76 anglers took part.  Two section were used on Killykeen, one section on Bawndoora, Corfree, Kevins Shore, Tessie’s Shore and Gulladoo.  The following is a list of winners:


1st. Simon Stott              88.450kg

2nd. Pete Riley               86.250kg

3rd. Andy Leathers          85.460kg

4th. Mick Bower              73.980kg

5th. N Mallinson              67.880kg

6th. Baz Smith                67.630kg

On day two Simon Stott bag of fish weighted in at 45.060kg.

Trinity and Killykeen are both giving good bags of fish up to 50/60lb while Dereskit Shore is producing good Roach and Skimmer Bream, some bags weighing 80lbs.  Good Tench some up to 6lb are appearing in Town Lake Killeshandra.

Brackley and Garadice are both reported to be fishing well for the last few weeks.