Monday April 2nd
The very brave souls who spent the night on the stretch were rewarded with some good fish. Chris Ganley amassed around 50lbs with many nice sized Roach and a Bream of about 5lbs. Damien Allchorn didn’t do too well but had two Tench of 3lb 8oz and 4lb 10oz Killian McCormack had a good mixed bag of 22lbs but was beaten by his twin brother Glenn who weighed in 25lbs 4oz. Most of Glenns weight was taken between noon and 2pm. His best Bream went 5lb 8oz.
I was surprised to find no one with the exception of Tim Collier on the river at dawn. It wasn’t too cold and wind was minimal. He had two Tench by the time I set up and by 09.00 he had beaten me 10-5. Mine averaged 3lb 8oz with the best going 4lb 2oz. Tims best went 4lb 9oz. Of the 15, only three were female. Only two others fished the stretch for most of the day, with the overall catch rate down on previous days.
In the evening, Damien arrived with Killian and his twin brother. At 9pm they had limited success but Chris Ganley, also doing a night session was doing better.  My evening session was at Maladys where I joined Peter Wood to catch 24 smallish Roach and Hybrids. For more info on the Inny, go to
Tuesday April 3rd
I ventured out at 6.30 and couldn’t buy a bit on the hot water stretch. The conditions had deteriorated somewhat with a cold northerly wind coming downstream making the stick float presentation almost impossible. I decided to walk across the bridge to fish near the toilets. Usually I’d expect some action here but it was hard. I caught four male Roach up to 12oz but the bad news was the evidence of a mass spawning that had happened in the last 24 hours. This is much too soon and I can only hope it’s just an early shoal doing their business.
Earlier in the day, Steve Blacklidge was fishing the disabled swims and recorded two very small Tench along with some Rudd.
Due to the expected cold winds, tomorrows weeding session is postponed until Thursday.  Please bring any tools or Rakes on a rope.

Wednesday April 4th
The overnight temperature dropped to -2c and I was more than surprised to see 6 anglers on the bank by 8am. Leigh Maitland was doing reasonably well but had vacted his swim by 11.30 along with 3 others.  The few that endured the conditions all caught, but had significantly less than they may have expected. Some Hybrids to 2lb 8oz and odd decent Roach were caught mainly on the feeder, as float fishing was all but impossible. So why I tried the method in the evening, god only knows? It was a complete waste of time and I fluked just one solitary male Roach of 12oz on the gusher. I for one will be very glad when the wind changes direction. If anyone cares to help out tomorrow afternoon, at 2pm we are going to attempt to move the weed from the stretch.
Thursday April 5th
The wind has dropped and there are some fish visible from the bridge. One Tench was caught early this morning, a male of around 3lbs. Only three fishing at the moment. It is now 11am.Further updates at 9pm tonight.

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