Jack Tisdall[email protected]  reports on the final of the Float only league held on the Roslea Lakes

The top 18 anglers from the Float Only Winter League fish the final over the weekend in excellent and calm weather conditions.

The match was fished two venues, the Roslea Lakes of Gavin’s, Lyon’s and Inver Lakes on Saturday and the River Erne at Cleenish Island, Cleenish Stands

and Schools on Sunday.  The winner of the day one match was Bill Dodd (Lisbellaw) with 8.750 Kgs, fishing on Lyons Lake peg 4, Bill caught 24 Skimmer Bream and some Roach on the

Pole at 13 m.  Day one runner Up was David Herron (Co Tyrone) on Gavin’s Peg 3, David also fished the pole for 7.120 Kgs of quality Roach.

Third overall was Tony Kersley (Ballycassidy) who was also at Lyons and caught 4.850 Kgs which included two Tench from peg 9.

The other section winner was Simon Huthwaite (Enniskillen) 2.030 Kgs of small fish on the Slider at Inver Lake.

The winner of the day two match was John Potters (Lisbellaw) with 13.410 Kgs, fishing on Cleenish Stands Peg 9, John caught quality Roach and Hybrids

on 10 m whip to hand and long pole.  Runner Up was Paul Eyers (Enniskillen) on Cleenish Island Peg 1, Paul also fished the pole and Slider for 9.000 Kgs.

Third overall was Simon Huthwaite (Enniskillen) who was also on Cleenish Stands 8.580 Kgs from peg 7.

The other section winner was Nick Howell (Kilskeery) 7.120 Kgs at Schools.

The top prize of £300 went to John Potters won scored 11 pts beating Simon Huthwaite (£250) also 11 pts on total weight.

Dave Herron finished third and won £200 with a 10 point score.

John Potters with his winning catch of 13 kilos of mainly Roach.
The winners, David Herron, John Potters and Simon Huthwaite