The NCFFI Junior Float Team Qualifier to select the teams for the 2013 World Championships (France) and Celtic Cup (Wales) will take place on Saturday 06th of October 2012. The Donamon Section of the River Suck, near Castlecoote, Co Roscommon is the venue for the Qualifier. The section is capable of taking 30 pegs all on fishing stands with parking behind the pegs.

NCFFI Junior Qualifier

Saturday 06th October 2012

Donamon Section, River Suck, Castlecoote, Co Roscommon.

Draw 9.30am at the Castlecoote Community Centre.

Fishing 12.00 to 4.00 (4 hours)

  • Bait Limits;
    17 litres Ground bait, including Corn and Hemp,
    2.5 Litres (4 pints) Live Bait
    (Bloodworm & Joker not required)
  • All matches to be fished in accordance with CIP’s rules which can be viewed at the following link;​peche_au_coup_eng.htm#
Pole limits will be as follows;
  • Anglers under 14 – 10m
  • Anglers under 18 – 11.5m
  • Anglers under 23 – 13m
Teams will be selected for the following events;
  • World Championships (5) Under 14 (under 14 on 31 Dec 2012)
  • World Championships (5) Under 18 (under 18 on 31 Dec 2012)
  • World Championships (5) Under 23 (under 23 on 31 Dec 2012)
  • Celtic Cup (7) – Wales (under 19 on 31 Dec 2012)
  • World Championships are in France at end of July 2013
  • Celtic Cup is in Wales early Aug 2013.
Junior Anglers will be selected for one event only, therefore a maximum of 22 anglers will be selected.

Selection criteria for Teams

The selection of the teams will be carried out by the Manager and an NCFFI appointed panel. Selection will be based on Performance as well as Results. All anglers that elect to take part will have full details of the selection criteria before the Qualifier.
The NCFFI will draw up a Junior Teams selection Protocol for the selection of 2014 Junior teams and present it to the 2013 AGM.


If you are interested in taking part in the Qualifier, please book in with the Manager (details below) or through your club Secretary.
All anglers must be members of NCFFI affiliated clubs.


Brian Bohan  NCFFI PRO
Mohill, County Leitrim
Tel +353 (0)71 9631870
Email [email protected]