Alice Murtagh IFI Corlesmore, Arvagh reports on coarse fishing in the Erne catchment in Cavan.

Water levels are extremely high due to the recent heavy falls of rain however those who are fishing report good catches of fish.  Some English anglers staying in the Lough Bawn Hotel Killeshanrda recorded good fishing on Dereskit Lake with bags weighting up to 80 lb, with plenty of Skimmer Bream, some Hybrids and Roach being bagged also.

Gartanoul, Killykeen is producing good mixed bags of Roach, Perch and small Skimmers up to 40/50lb bags.

Town Lake Killeshandra is still producing good Tench and good Roach are being caught at Rockfield.

Good Bream up to 5lb in weight and some nice big Tench are being recorded at Flynn’s Pass.

Some English anglers staying in the Breffni Arms Arva recorded good catches of fish also, Mike Cook, Wolverhampton bagged 86 lb on Kevins Shore, 72 lb on Gulladoo and 91 lb on Cullies including Two Tench weighing 6lb each.  Eddie Waites 60 lb Hybrids and Roach on Killykeen and 62lb Roach on Gartylough.  G Farnworth from near London 52lb on Gartylough, 65lb on Holybank and 69lb on Gulladoo.  Mr. E Dennis Shefield 71lb on Corfree, 68lb Kevins Shore and 70lb on Tessie’s Shore.  Phil Mueller bagged 61lb and 82lb on Gulladoo and 67lb on Holybank and 48lb on Kevins Shore.  A party of seven from Northampton bagged 1,950 lb of fish in one week’s fishing the Arva/Gowna area.

Fishing in the Cootehill area is reported to be good with 30/40lb of fish being bagged in Mullinary Lake mostly good Roach and Hybrids.

The river at Belturbet is also reported to be fishing very well despite high water levels.

Some local angliers fished White Lake Redhills and landed 4 Jack Pike on Monday last.