Mike Ridson reports on a three day competition  held on Inniscarra Lake over the St. Patrick’s Weekend at which 27 anglers competed for total prize money of €4,900.

The results were as follows:-

  • Day 1 winner. Rory Dunn.    25kgs 600gms.
  • Day 2 winner. Cathal Hughes. 27kgs 200gms.
  • Day 3 winner. Rory Dunn.   23kgs 700gms.

Overall winners.

  • 1st. Rory Dunn, Roscommon.  65kgs 900gms.
  • 2nd. Cathal Hughes, Galway.    63-400.
  • 3rd.  Shane Dunn, Roscommon. 57-400.
  • 4th. Peter Jones, Cork.  56-000.
  • 5th. Nick Harrison, Cavan.   54-500.

The sections used were the Garden Centre stretch, Rooves Bay and St. Johns.

Total weight for the three days was 1169kgs 200gms.
Mike Ridson