Currently a large scale Jute matting operation is ongoing in Annaghdown Bay, Lough Corrib. These efforts will help stem the spread of this highly invasive weed to the southern basin of Lough Corrib.
In the picture below the CAISIE team cover a heavy patch of Curly leaved waterweed with jute matting at a slipway in the Knockferry area of Lough Corrib. For more information on invasives see

10 meter strips of Jute matting sown together and weighted down will help to stop this curly leaved waterweed in its tracks.

In 6-12 months there will be little to no sign of this matting and the curly leaved waterweed will be eradicated. Native plants will recolonise this area in 3-6 months.

Wind conditions on this day were not suitable to work in the open bay of Annaghdown, so there was a chance to catch up on some of the more sheltered infested sites in Lough Corrib.