Thanks to all those who had a go at guessing the weight and length of Paul’s pike. Here, again, is a photo of the fish in his arms. We can tell you that 73 people guessed at the length and weight of the pike.  The majority of entrants put its weight at 12 lb or 13lb. Though there was quite a variation in the lengths,  a consensus for something around 100cm (give or take a few centimetres) was apparent.

Great catch Paul !
Great catch Paul !

The actual weight of the pike was 18lb and its length was 104cm total length (fork length was just about 100.5cm). We are taking answers at 104 and 105cm as being “correct” as the lobes of the tail fin were a little uneven.

Appearances can be deceiving

61 entrants thought the fish weighed 15lb or less. 12 people did not even think it was a double! Only one entrant guessed 18lb, another 18.6 and another 17.4, none of these 3 were anywhere near the right length. The heaviest guess was 36lb (!) the lightest 7.6lb.

The shortest guess was 41.3cm and longest was 126cm. 7 thought it was between 60 and 70cm, 8 between 70 and 80cm, 11 between 80 and 90 cm. 19 thought it was between 90 and 100, 18 between 100 and 109. 7 thought it was more than 110.

7 guessed 104 or 105cm but of these people their weights were out by a fair bit; between 9 to16lb.

Overall this shows that it is very difficult to guess weight (basically impossible) from a photo (90% were out by 2lbs or more). While it is also very difficult to get the length (90% out by 4cm or more… ) an impressive  12% managed to get the right answer (104 or 105cm).

The pike weighed 18 lbs and measured 104cm

The winners

Here is the list of winners. The closest weights and the closest lengths all get a measuring mat.

Cathal Hughes
16 lb (and 105 cm)
Bobby Bryans
17 lb
Boyle Angling
17.125 lb
Darren Cassells
17.375 lb
Dean Aherne
17.4 lb
Ryan Craig
18 lb
Paul Dennis
18.6 lb
Liam Devlin
20 lb
Dylan Halpin
103 cm
Patrick Clear
104 cm
Marc Leddy
104 cm
Christopher Bennett
104.14 cm
Brian McLoughlin
105 cm
Denis Goulding
105 cm
Mark Lennon
105 cm
Mick Kempson
107 cm
Richard Lister
107 cm