RIVER DROWES – Monday 23rd January to Sunday 5th February 2012.
The weather was quite variable over the past fortnight with fair amounts of precipitation. The river rose due to heavy rainfall over the first week. The frosty weather (in fact the first frosts this winter!) during the early part of the second week meant the river began to fall again and was back down to 0.76 by the 2nd February. The wetter weather towards the latter half of the week ensured the river remained around this level into the weekend. The river was fairly quiet with few rods fishing and most of these that did fish, did so at the weekends. There was however another fresh salmon caught. A 7 lb salmon was caught and released on a spinner from the Upper Mill Pool on the first day of February.
For info/bookings etc on the Drowes Fishery & Lough Melvin see http://www.drowessalmonfishery.com/ or Tel: 071 9841055 (8am to 12 noon).