Pat Kennedy from Kilkenny sends us this wonderful report from the River Nore near Inistiogue:

On Saturday morning Sept 8th four of us ( John, Edward, Gerry and myself Pat) went down to the river Nore, at Brownsbarn Bridge Thomastown, not fishing but working. we made 5 benches for the banks of the river. The benches are 7ft long, we dug two holes for each bench that were 3ft deep.  Each bench was fitted on different stands on our fishery, it gives our anglers a nice place to sit and have a good chat.  The work that we did brought us up to dinner time.  It was all done and with sun splitting the stones it was time for a cup of tea .

With tea over and my fishing gear on I had my spinning rod in my hand with a black flying C up on my rod. I said I would start fishing at the back of Brownsbarn Bridge and work my way down to Brigees, I had about two hours left. I was spinning down nice and tight at the back of the bridge, when I reached the palm trees I got a stop. I struck and a fish rolled to the top of the water, “oh my God” I said “it looks around twenty pounds”. I was very surprised to see a fish of this quality in the river as the fishing was very poor for three weeks.

Pat Kennedy with his 17.5lb Salmon from River Nore
Pat Kennedy with his 17.5lb Salmon from River Nore

Fifteen minutes later I knew I was in trouble as I was on my own with a fish of this size and on a height bank with only my working boots on, I finally got a spot and slipped down the bank, the fish was ready for the net, I got him in the net twice but each time he fell out, I finally got him in on my third attempt. The fish was in the net what a relief. I climbed up the bank with the fish safe in the net, I had the tag in his gills with the log book filled in I took out my digital weighing scales I was delighted when I saw it read 17 1/2lbs. It was a very nice reward for doing club work. I have sent scale samples to IFI.

Compliments of Pat Kennedy