August 21st, 2012 Report from the Slaney River Trust:

Very little activity. Again only 2 fish reported to me one of which was a relatively recently arrived grilse. Last night the double handed cane rod angler I referred to in my last report went sea trout fishing with the same rod and cast and after a 30 minute fight landed and returned a red cock salmon of circa 17lbs – hooked 5 yards below the last one, only this time on the peter ross dropper. The fly also fell out in the net, which being a slightly newer than the last time didn’t break.He is certain that it is the same fish.

Last year, in a different pool, he had a similar experience landing a 12lb red cock and a week later losing a very similar fish in the same place. Multiple catch and release is obviously an issue but that said the great majority of the fish met in past 6 weeks have been fresh run.

Slaney River Trust