Lindsey Clarke reports on Owenea Fishery – Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd July 2012.

The Owenea ran at low levels all week except for a small flood on Wednesday which read 0.34 metres on the gauge. This fell away quickly and the gauge had dropped to 0.18 metres by Thursday. The gauge average for the week read 0.15 metres. The fishery was reasonably well attended given the poor conditions and 35 visiting rods fished for the week. There were a number of salmon recorded over the week. On Wednesday, Father Daly reported 2 grilse weighing 3 & 4lb caught on a spinner from beats 5 & 6. Kevin O’Neill recorded an 8½lb salmon caught on a fly from beat 6. I caught and released a 12lb salmon on a fly from beat 5 and Michael McCrory also reported a salmon caught from beat 7. On Thursday, Dessie Coyle logged 3 salmon caught on a fly from beat 7. The fish weighed 3, 3½ & 12lb. Kevin O’Neill registered a 10½lb salmon caught on a fly from beat 5. On Saturday, Alan Watson recorded a 4½lb grilse caught and released on a fly from beat 8 and P. McGivern accounted for 4 grilse caught on fly from beat 8 with 2 of these released again.

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