Lindsey Clarke reports:

Monday 27th August to Sunday 2nd September 2012

The Owenea received a nice flood on Monday (0.26 metres) but the water then fell away as the week progressed and by Saturday the gauge was only reading 0.11 metres. There was a small fresh on Sunday with the gauge reading 0.18 metres in the morning. The gauge average for the week read 0.16 metres. The fishery was not particularly busy given the time of season with 36 visiting rods fishing for the week. There was not a large number of catches recorded which is not surprising given the low water and poorer than average grilse run.

On Monday, Kevin O’Neill recorded a 9lb salmon caught on a fly from beat 5.

On Tuesday, Michael McCrory logged a 6lb grilse caught on a fly from beat 7.

On Wednesday, Michael registered a further grilse of 4lb caught on a fly from beat 9 & Pierre Rumeau accounted for a 4lb grilse caught on a fly from beat 9.

On Friday, Jean Trividic recorded a 5lb grilse caught on a spinner from 9 and on Saturday, Paul Doherty registered a 4lb grilse caught on a worm from beat 9.

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