Low cloud cover with a light Northerly wind greeted us yesterday morning as the tide pushed in over the bladderwrack. We would be targeting Wrasse for the first time this year, and what a still morning it was. Flat calm with gin clear water, I would have preferred a bit more motion in the water to fizz things up but we agreed that this has to be the most relaxing spot to fish on a calm day.

Wrasse coming in
Wrasse coming in

When targeting Wrasse I use jig heads (mainly Decoy Bachi) that have been used for my Bass fishing and are starting to rust/corrode. For the lure I used Soft Plastic that have been used and damaged while previously fishing for Bass.
Reason being is I tend to lose a fair few jig heads when targeting Wrasse, also Wrasse have a habit of biting lures in half ! For example I lost 4 jig heads/SP’s in yesterdays short session, this can add up quickly if you are using new gear

Anyway back to the fishing, Pat and myself were on location first, I decided to take a few random underwater pictures as visibility was fantastic.

The fishing was slow, the tide slowly pushed in creating some activity. Crevan and Tom joined us. During the session we seen a shoal of mullet, 3 shoals of sand eels and 5 or 6 Bass swimming mid water together in about 10 feet or water directly below us. We all just stood there like rabbits in a head light watching there electric blue backs glide out of sight. Epic.

It was about time a fish was caught, so in between losing jig heads I finally felt that unmistakable Wrasse pluck as my SP swung behind a large submerged ledge. I waited and then struck – Fish On It gave a nice little scrap Happy Days.

I tried to get a video of its release but it was too quick for me !

That was all of the action for the morning, Pat had his SP robbed by a suspected Wrasse at one point but apart from that it was all quiet. We called it a day after a couple of hours.

Danny Meagher
Wexford Angling Blog

Hidden Wrasse
Hidden Wrasse