Having just completed the April Light Line competition we were in a position to collate the results of all 5 light line competitions of the winter 2011/12 season to determine who was the overall winner. What a close run series it turned out to be!!!

Anglers were awarded points for their placings in each individual competition. If they finished 1st they were awarded 1 point; if second, then 2 points; third, 3 points; and so on down the line. If an angler missed a competition then they were automatically given 35 points. The best results from 4 comps out of 5 counted so that meant the worst result could be dropped. After all the points were posted, the calculations done, and the placings organised a clear picture emerged. There was still no separating the top two anglers. Martin Perryman and John Dennehy were both level at the top with 8 points apiece. 


To determine the winner the committee decided to refer back to numbers of fish caught in the four competitions that gave the anglers qualifying points. When this was done Martin Perryman emerged the clear winner with 362 fish as compared to John with 278 fish. Well done Martin!!! Well done to John aswell!!! It couldn’t been any closer. What a great competition!

Many thanks to all the anglers who took part! We hope to see you all again for next winter’s series.

Many thanks also to all the skippers, particularly Donie Geary of the John Boy and Ger Keohane of the Naomh Cartha. Fair play to you lads you kept us on the fish!

The full results of the series were as follows:
1. Martin Perryman 8pts
2. John Dennehy 8pts
3. Slyvester Skowronski 12pts
4. Anthony Austin 25pts
5. Sandra O’Shea 36pts
6. James Brandon 39pts
7. Ger Brady 39pts
8. Danny Kane 45pts
9. Noel Kavanagh 47pts
10. Pat Condon 55pts
11. Rob Kelly 69pts
12. Eddie Deasy 70pts
13. Donnacha O’Connell 75pts
14. Pat Wright 75pts
15. Tomasz Kujawa 78pts
16. Stephen O’Neill 79pts
17. Frank Burke 80pts
18. Piotr Nowakowski 81pts
19. John Fitz 83pts
20. Pat O’Shea 90pts
21. Eric O’Neill 90pts
22. Conor Purcell 90pts
23. George Stockley 100pts
24. Bobby Crebor 102pts
25. Cian Ryan 106pts
26. Zdislam Banas 107pts
27. Zoltan Kowacs 108pts
28. Eoin O’Brien 112pts
29. Grzegorz Kmiecik 113pts
30. Barry Murphy 113pts
31. Colm Daly 115pts
32. Denis Morley 117pts
33. Ronan Coakley 119pts
34. Sean Og McShane 119pts
35. Timmy Leahy 120pts
36. Martin O’Leary 120pts
37. Ruud Boelhower 121pts
38. Ted Slattery 123pts
39. Steve Bry 124pts
40. John O’Reilly 124pts
41. Brian O’Neill 126 pts
42. Martin Breecher 126pts
43. Eddie Hayes 127pts
44. Deirdre Murphy 128pts
45. Stuart Power 134pts
46. Mike Slattery 135pts
47. Andrew Dwohig 139pts

Next year’s series of Light Line Competitions will be starting in November again. Keep an eye on this space later in the year for more details.

Pat O’Shea