Well, my fishing yak season is oficially opened.
Last Sunday I was ready to go to do some perch fishing, then I got a phone call from Alex. Quick change of gear, and an hour later, we were on the road heading down the South East.

Grey Gurnard from yak
Grey Gurnard from yak

After we passed the well known Waterford bridge, we decided to hit few spots on the Copper Coast. It was dull and overcast afternoon with no wind and temp about 12 deg C. Sea was flat calm, with light swell about 1 ft. We found a nice small fishing harbour, with easy place to park the car and handy slip for land ours boats. There was few others yakers on the water, but they were without rods.
The plan was simply. One small lure box per yak. We hoped for an early lure bass. For the first two hours we searched shallows, throwed plugs into nice channels between the rocks. Water was gin clear, with average deep about 10 ft. We fish on the ebbing tide. No sign of fish at all.
Because shallows appeared unproductive, we moved a bit into the deeper waters. Depth reached about 20 ft, but the bottom was flat and sandy without snags. Surprisingly we founded fish over there. But it wasn’t silvers bars 😉

There was a shoal of Grey Gurnards underneath and they played the ball. Alex and I counted a couple of them, before yak’s were drifted over the area.  Nothing special, but I added another species to my lure caught fish list, and oficially opened my yak season. When the contact with gurnards was lost , we moved back to the shore. In  the one of deep holes close the rocks, Alex hit good size pollock, and the fishing frenzy started 😉 We call the day about 8, with couple nice pollacks up to 7lb. Not a bad start of season.

7lb Polack from Tramore
7lb Pollack from Tramore

David, East Coast Fishing