A1Fisher of Boat-Angling-Ireland.com reports on a very hectic kayak fishing session on Lough Swilly…

Duration: 10hrs
Tide: 2hrs before low slack tide
Weather: over cast warm and flat calm
Bait: Mackerel and sandeels
Rigs: Mickey fish,  lumi tube and muppet rig.
Results: 23 spurdogs, 2 red gurnard, grey, a couple of whiting and one 2lb codling

It was the usual Wednesday off and with a heads up from a fellow angler that the tope at my usual haunt there was only one place to go on my day off. Since I was on my own there was nothing stopping me from going early so I was up at 6am up out the road and on the water for 7.30.
The weather was warm and very over cast so it couldn’t be better.  After a brief stop to catch some fresh mackerel I went then to my usual spot. Down the baits went; one set for the tope and one set for the spurdog and ling.

It was seriously quiet for the first 2 hours and I was kicking myself that I didn’t go to Lough Swilly. I thought to myself “Sod the dogs and the ling” and I put a glitter rig on tipped with small bits of mackerel and over the next hour I had 3 tiny ling.  Then as the tide began run I drifted along a rise on the sea bed and about 5 minutes later on the mickey fish rig baited with sandeel I got a nice rod nodding take.  Not a doggie but something else and thankfully it was, it was a nice codling of 2lb I was delighted to see it on such a quiet day.

A change of tactic resulted in this cod

Lines down again and very soon after I had a better take on the glitter rig. There was a good tussle and half way up everything went slack. I reeled up and the hook was cut clean off.  There’s really only one fish here that does that – a spurdog . Glitter rig off and a home made rig of lumi tube and a large pink muppet (and a smaller size 2 hook to pick up the whiting and gurnard) tied up on 65lb mono. Down they went and 2 minutes later this nice ling came in on the sandeel.

Sandeel tempted this ling

They day was starting to look up, and on the drift I picked up red gurnard, grey gurnard, a couple of nice whiting then finally – nod nod – and away she goes.  Class! It was a spurdog and they first of many and they were very lively. Every ten minutes I’d get another and some times 2 and then 3 at once! The best fish of the day was a tad over the 15lb mark. It came to the side of the kayak and I grabbed it by the nose. I could see it was a good fish but it had to have a roll and the wrists were getting tired holding the wriggly buggers down to remove the hooks.  So I let him roll and as he did out poped the hook. The fish very slowly started to swim away till I made a grab for his tail and then he took off. No photo of that one  but a nice fish. The best spur of the day that was properly landed and pic taken was this beauty of 13.5lb.

13.5lb spurdog
13.5lb spurdog - the best of the day that I got on film

The fishing continued to get better and better. At one stage one the rod went and I was in a nice lively fight again.  As I nearly had him at the kayak the other rod started bouncing. I hauled him in and held him down with my leg and fought the other to the surface. I thought 1 was a bugger on the kayak, but  3 on board was mayhem, still not sure how I was wasn’t stabbed.

3 spurdogs at once!
3 spurdogs at once!

At this stage I had to ring Oliver to see if he was coming out and after a quick verbal catch report the words his response turned the airwaves blue as he was tied up in the shop and couldn’t get away.
At this stage I had drift 2.5 miles and it was time to head back to where I started. I was keen to see if there were any spurs there and 5 minutes after the lines went down the answer was “Yes!”.

Trying to manage two spurdogs and record the moment at the same time
3 spurdogs at once!

Report courtesy of Boat-Angling-Ireland. http://www.boat-angling-ireland.com/