Jim Hendrick, Probassfisher reports:

I started ‘test’ guiding during July of 2003 and went full time for the season of 2004. Previous to those years I already knew the fishing potential, I felt I just needed to supply and validate the ‘service’, fine tune it if you will! During that time since and for many years previous to when I started guiding, I have seen and experienced many weather patterns and their subsequent influences on bass fishing.

The requirements needed from a guided angling point of view were adjusted accordingly as I wandered lonely and empty shores for nearly five years (03-07) with eager happy customers from all over Europe.

This intimate interaction with influences and the many unique locations where bass are to be found in Wexford is one of the keys to understanding the fish and their behaviour, it takes a long time to witness, to feel, and to understand this. During 2007 something subtle changed.

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