With the weather going through a good spell lately, Alan Kennedy, skipper of the Lagosta II, was confident that the offshore wrecks would produce. With this in mind he brought his next batch of clients to one of his favourite wrecks….and it didn’t disappoint!!!

It’s a pleasure heading off to the wrecks in these conditions. With a gentle rolling swell, almost a glassy flat sea and blue skies, it was one of those pet days….days when the factor needs to be lashed on before getting stuck into the fishing.

As often is the case on beautiful summer’s days like this, the fishing can be memorable….and so it was on this day! A couple of dozen ling were landed as were a couple of dozen conger. The best of the ling was a beauty of 18lbs! Four or five of the conger were touching the 40lb mark! Wow!!! ….and to top things off there were a few nice cod in amongst the mix!

If you’d fancy a day out fishing with Alan give him a buzz on 087 – 6792796….you can also contact him by email on [email protected]. Keep an eye out for Alan’s new website Lagosta II coming shortly

Compliments of: Ivan Kelly and his team of anglers

Pat O’Shea, Cork Angling Hub