Jim Hendrick brings your attention to to Wexford Co Councils biodiversity plan from January of last year

When all submissions to the Wexford Biodiversity Plan have been received and reviewed, a draft plan will be compiled. Following on from this a public meeting will be held to discuss the Draft Biodiversity Plan and to seek further comments.

Wexford Co.Council has now published its draft biodiversity plan – from a bass conservation perspective you may be interested in page 96 and indeed throughout the document there are references to bass and their continued protection. The full document is available to download below and from Wexford Co.Council website.

There were 58 submissions from a bass angling perspective of a total submission number of 99. This is significant.

From Page 96 of the document

Submissions Numbers 22-78

individual submissions various Re: Conservation of Sea Bass stocks
• Maintain Legislation to Protect the SEA Bass from Commercial fishing.
• Importance of Recreational Angling to the Local Economy/Tourism
• Illegal Fishing/Netting

Its important to remember at this stage that this is a draft document and taken from page 49 we have another opportunity to

Review Data and Identify Gaps

Objective 1 – To identify Biodiversity information and fill data gaps for the County, to prioritise habitats and species for protection and to inform conservation action and decision making Actions Partners/Funding


Jim Hendrick