Rob Love of Carton House Fishery reports:

Fishing pressure on the Sheet Water has been light so it continues to fish well.  The Rainbows are being caught on a variety of flies including Boobies, Blobs and Goldheads.

Carton House is also going to introduce a winter league (sorry for mentioning the W word) this coming winter (sorry, there it is again) on the Sheet Water.  Details of which will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

The Sheet Water
The Sheet Water

While the upcoming winter league on the Sheet Water is Trout fishing we are also considering setting up a Pike league on the front lake above the Salmon Weir, this depends on interested numbers.  Details will also follow in next few weeks.

The location where Carton House are hosting their winter pike fishing league – it’s a 10 acre lake with good deep stretches and shallows around islands.  It holds good levels of coarse fish (Roach and Perch) and Pike up to 20lb.

Rob Love
Carton House Fishery

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