German Angling Journalist Hits Gold On Lough Corrib

Uwe Pinnau, the very well known German Angling Journalist, revised Ireland once more and his favoured place to stay & fish was here at Portarra Lodge Angling Centre.His visit here last year was very good indeed and Uwe was looking forward to a “repeat performance” with myself, Michael Canney, as his Guide.

Having corresponded with me several times before his visit here it was more than obvious the Uwe’s first wish was a “Nice Ferox Trout”.  So on day one, Thursday 12th July we set out to fish to try and fulfill his “First Wish”.  The weather on the day was not ideal for Ferox fishing, but with the changable weather patterns of late, we decided to take the chance. We were trolling for almost two hours when we got our first strike.  The trolling rod bent out over the back of the boat such was the verocity of the “take” – but alas is was not to be and in a few short seconds, the fish became unhooked.  We were not happy anglers to lose what appeared to be a large fish – especially when the weather conditions were not in our favour.  It was now lunch time but we decided to stay on fishing as there could be another hungry Ferox in the neighbourhood.  Our decision was rewarded in less than an hour when Uwe’s rod really bent backwards and he was “in”. Maybe five minutes later the Ferox came to the surface and made a big jump up in the air. The alarms bells rang out and you could read on “Uwe’s Forehead” – IF IT JUMPS AGAIN I COULD LOSE IT”. Another 10 minutes later the fish was in the net, unhooked, weighted and several photos taken. The Ferox tipped the scales at 15 lbs 2 oz. The joy on Uwe’s face told it all – he had just caught the fish of his life time and all his wishes had come true.  (Photo of Uwe Pinnau with his Ferox)

Uwe Pinnau with a big ferox brown trout from Lough Corrib.

It was time to go ashore and really enjoy the “postponed lunch”.

After lunch we got back to business again but in less than an hour the weather conditions got worse – the winds increased and it started to rain. With our “goal” achieved it was not difficult to make the decision to head back to base, return to the Lodge and celebrate the “catch of one’s lifetime”.

Uwe’s mission in coming to Ireland was to witness and write on as many angling experiences as possible.  The next two days we spent mixed fishing for both Pike and Trout.  We had not much luck with the Pike, but Uwe was really amased at the disipline of “Dapping” and we had some nice trout to the boat – keeping just two of a little over the 33 cm as substitutes for the “Full Irish Breakfast”.  This type of fishing was totally new to Uwe and he is looking forward to writing about it.

Initally Uwe was to stay at Portarra Lodge for 8 days and I had arranged for the two Pike Fly Fishers , Reuben Hewitt & Jonathan Bartley from Armagh, to come and join him for the latter part of his stay.  However the itinerary was changed at short notice and it was such a pity as the Northern Ireland lads had some excellent Pike fishing on the fly.  It would have been another new experience for Uwe – but maybe next year

Michael Canney