Rob Love reports from Carton House Fishery :

The River Liffey:

The Liffey has unfortunately returned to flood levels in the last few days.  If the most recent forecast is to be believed then it is unlikely to return to more normal levels for the foreseeable future, it’s a pity as the river was fishing well with trout quite active – particularly so when there was a decent amount of Sedge on the water.

The Rye Water

The Rye continues to fish very well with water running at pretty much optimum level throughout the summer. 

Last Saturday a guest by the name of Greg MacNeice was thrilled to land a 5lb+ trout below the Salmon weir on the estate – the fish was returned after being caught on a size 14 Elk Hair Caddis.

The Sheet Water

Fishing on the Sheet Water (our stocked lake) has been a little patchy over the last week or so with heavy rainfall affecting the water clarity at times.  However when water clarity has been good the fishing has been superb.

Carton House media flyfishing competition

Last Friday the 17th saw 12 anglers involved in our 1st media flyfishing competition.  Conditions were very difficult with torrential rain the night before the event.  The water was akin to oxtail soup.  Despite this 6 anglers started on the Sheet Water with the other 6 starting on the front lake fishing from 3 Sheelin boats.  The two groups swapped over after lunch.

David Gray was the overall winner with Dick Warner and Liam Kane pushing him close.

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