10 June: The trout fishing was fairly slow this week on most of the lough. For the first four days of the week the fishing was hard work during the day and it was the evenings that offered the best chance though most boats were back in by early evening.

Heavy rain on Thursday & Friday saw the lough rise 3 foot by the weekend! The big floods entering the lough from the various feeder streams meant the lough became very coloured. As a result the fishing was poor since the water clarity was so bad.

The Garrison Anglers held a club competition on Sunday but the going was hard with the water being so coloured.  Tony Hogg and partner won the competition with a single trout weighing 2lb 4oz. In second place were Kevin Bradley & Francis Maguire with a catch of 3 sonaghan and in third place were Freddy Steele & Niall Cromie.

The Rossinver fishery seemed to fair a little better and a visiting Welsh party of 7 rods had very good fishing over 3 days (Tuesday to Thursday). They caught 117 trout in all with a good number of these weighing from 1 to 2lb plus and the best fish weighing 4lb 8oz. The catch included good Sonaghan & Gillaroo and all fish were returned alive.

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