Lough Derg:

The general consensus from anglers fishing Derg is that the best of the fishing could be over, but most of the anglers are well pleased with their Mayfly fishing with the average size of fish over 2lbs and also the number of fish that are moving to the fly. It was also one of the longest hatches they have seen in recent years, the cold easterly winds slowing down the hatch rate. The only disappointing aspect was that so far the spent fishing has been fairly slow with only small numbers of fly returning to the water.

Peter Hearn, Portroe 1 fish 3.92lbs.

Eamon Devaney, Crannagh  1 fish 3.7lbs

Padraig O’Brien, Portroe 1 fish 3.6lbs.

Gerry O’Brien, Portroe, 1 fish 2.6lbs  

Shelia Corish, O’Brien’s Bridge  1 fish  2.11lbs           

Shane Creamer, Portroe  1 fish  2lbs

John Kennedy, Portroe  1 fish 2lbs

Pat McDonnell

IFI Fishery Officer, Shannon