Enda Fields PRO of Emy and District Anglers reports that 12 anglers gathered at the shores of Emy Lake, Emyvale Co Monaghan for Emy & District Anglers annual fly-fishing competition. This event was kindly sponsored by the Pillar House, Glaslough. Lake rules of a maximum bag limit of two trout applied for the competition. It was a tough afternoons fishing with alot rain and very challenging conditions.  However, despite this, a total of 6 anglers caught trout. Results were as follows:

Winner of the Pillar House cup with the Heaviest Fish – Tommy Smyth as 2lb – 11.2 ozs.

1st Heaviest Bag – Brian Corrigan with 4lb – 0.2 ozs

2nd Heaviest Bag- Tommy McCaffrey – 3lb – 10.8ozs

More photos of the competition can be found at http://www.emyvale.net/pillar%20house.html

Tommy Proudly Displays the Cup and Winning Fish
Competition Winner Tommy Smyth Proudly Displays the Pillar House Cup and Winning Fish