Cartons stocked lake is fishing well as above photo will testify to.  With the recent warm spell surface activity has increased and trout have been fooled on patterns such as Griffiths Gnat and other non descript flies.

Brown trout
Steve Cullen, editor of Total Fly-fishing enjoyed great fishing on the stocked lake and the Rye Water


The Rye Water is running very low at present and no doubt would benefit from a bit of colour in the water as trout are quite spooky in the current conditions.  However a stealthy approach, fishing a little back from the bank and keeping wading to a minimum can result in a successful outing with Pheasant Tail Nymphs being very productive.


Visiting anglers last week included John Buckley of Irish Angler fame and Steve Cullen, editor of Total Fly-fishing who enjoyed great fishing on both the stocked lake and on the Rye Water – The Rye itself fishing its socks off during the last hour of the evening rise with hatches of Iron Blues, Sedges and Black Gnats in abundance.


Rob Love
Carton House